How To Cycle Sync For Better Productivity + More Energy with N…

We actually have about on average, 451 menstrual cycles in our lives span over 38.5 years. That’s a wild number, and exactly why we are getting into all things women’s health, hormones & fertility. I had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing women’s health expert and certified holistic nutritionist, Nicole Bendayan. She gave us SO many hacks, shifts, and empowering pieces of advice for harnessing our cycle as our SUPERPOWER– including unlocking more energy, focus, confidence, and better results in business AND your personal life.

Nicole does such a great job simplifying the MUST KNOW concepts around our hormones and cycles so that you can feel more empowered and confident IN your body as a result. Nicole shares science-based tools for doing exactly that with your CYCLE. I’m so excited for you to tune into this episode!


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