Using Human Design To Understand Your True Self with Erin Claire Jones

For the first time ever on Make Bank we are diving into the world of Human Design with Guest Erin Claire Jones. If you’re not familiar with Human Design, it is made from ancient wisdom combined with modern science that helps you understand your unique, energetic makeup, as well as specific tools for living at your happiest, healthiest, and highest potential. Think of astrology mixed with like the Enneagram, but x1000. Human Design doesn’t change the core of who you are; it teaches you who you really are!

In this episode, Erin shares her practical tools and pro tips that help articulate the Human Design system. She shares how our type speaks to how we best use our energy as well as how to create the most aligned opportunities & much more. This is the ultimate permission slip to take actionable steps for the purpose of fully leaning into the most authentic version of YOU (that intuitively have always known you can be) 


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