Arabian Travel Market 2024 to Explore How Entrepreneurship Is Empowering Innovation in Middle East

Organisers of the annual Arabian Travel Market (ATM) has disclosed that its focus for next year’s event is to explore how entrepreneurship is empowering innovation in the Middle East, this is as it unveiled that theme; Empowering Innovation: Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship. ATM, which is the leading marketing channel for inbound and outbound travel and tourism professionals in the Middle East, is preparing for its 31st edition of the show that is scheduled to take place at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) between May 6 and 9 May 2024.

Over the last 15 years, the travel and tourism industry has secured only one per cent of total funding for startups across all industries, according to analysis from McKinsey. This is despite the fact that the sector accounted for more than 10 percent of global GDP in 2019. With exhibitors from the fields of aviation, accommodation, hospitality, attractions, technology and more, ATM 2024 will explore how innovators in the travel and tourism space are working to attract greater levels of funding to further increase the sector’s overall contribution to global GDP.

The 31st edition of ATM will once again host policymakers, industry leaders and travel professionals from across the Middle East and beyond, encouragchange knowledge and identify innovations with the potential to reshape the future of global travel and tourism. From startups to established brands, the upcoming show will highlight how innovators are enhancing customer experiences, driving efficiencies and accelerating progress towards a net-zero future for the industry.

According to the Exhibition Director of Arabian Travel Market, Danielle: “The Middle East’s travel and tourism sector has demonstrated impressive resilience and growth in recent years, but we must continue to innovate and adapt in order to achieve the industry’s long-term goals. Thanks to ATM 2024’s theme, ‘Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship’, we have a goldcutting-edge technologies and commercial opportunities with the potential to completely reshape the sector.”

Building on ATM 2023’s theme of, Working Towards Net Zero, environmentally responsible travel will represent a key focus during the show’s upcoming edition. Informed by the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), which will take place in Dubai later this year. More than 40,000 travel trade profesrecord.

The exhibition attracted more than 2,100 exhibitors and representatives from over 155 countries, provid- ing a global platform for the unveiling of ATM’s net-zero pledge. ATM 2024 will empower the global travel and tourism community to harness entrepreneurism, helping to catalyse innovation, increase revenues and maximise sustainability over the long term. The UAE aims to attract $150 billion in foreign investment by 2030, making it the perfect environment for these activities.

With an emphasis on technological innovation, the nation plans to strengthen its position as an international hub for start-ups – a focus that looks set to benefit entrepreneurs operating in the region’s travel and tourism sector. By exploring the ways in which an entrepreneurial mindset can lead to positive change within the industry, ATM 2024 will enable attendees to identify strategies for growth across a range of key industry verticals.

“As a global leader in innovation, the UAE offers the perfect environment in which to explore these trends and identify new avenues for growth,” Curtis added. “Following the record-breaking levels of attendance witnessed during ATM 2023, my colleagues and I cannot wait to welcome the global travel community to Dubai once again next year.

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