Man Arrested For Posing As Mannequin In Late Night Jewelry Heist

A man in Warsaw, Poland, has been arrested after getting caught posing as a mannequin to commit the robbery after the store’s closing.

The Warsaw Police issued a statement Oct. 18, but withheld when exactly the crime happened. However, law enforcement did disclose details on how exactly the mannequin ruse was facilitated, as reported by Insider.

The 22-year-old stood motionless for hours in the store’s window until the mall shut down for the night. After hours, the man roamed throughout the shopping area, stealing valuable items from the jewelry stand. The news outlet also shared photos from the police of the man standing in place during the scheme. The image shows the mannequin poser dressed casually in a tan hoodie and light blue jeans, holding a shopping bag as in front of a Wrangler Store.

The undisclosed man was revealed to have a history of frequent theft. At this exact shopping center, the Polish resident was caught stealing food and designer clothing a day prior to this most recent incident, sliding underneath a store’s nearly closed entrance shutter to attempt his crime. At another mall, the man was caught stealing money from a store’s cash registers after waiting until all had left the premises to act.

In the aftermath of his current theft attempt, security on the premises caught the fake mannequin on his after hours stroll, with the Department for Combating Crime Property finally detaining the repeat offender. The Śródmieście Police Department released the statement fully detailing how the man’s “luck finally ran out” as further punishment for his crimes are underway.

For his action, the prosecutor’s office from the district within Warsaw has subjected him to a temporary arrest of three months. The multiple charges of burglary and theft has the accused facing a sentence of up to 10 years.

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