This Hormone Hack is the Secret to Boosting Your Productivity …

I hate to break it to you but hustle culture is HARD on our hormones, ladies. That is why Berrion Berry, a menstrual health educator, certified integrative health practitioner, and the founder of the flow Academy, joins us on the podcast today.

Berrion helps modern women get to the root cause of their period problems and rebalance our hormones naturally. Her work is so powerful, that she has been featured on top podcasts like the Gold Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher, She by Jordan Lee Dooley, and she has been featured in leading publications like Shape magazine, and Thrive Global just to name a few.

Berrion sheds light on how the modern lifestyle and hustle culture is especially hard on menstruating women. She also shares some red flags to look out for when it comes to hormonal imbalance and period problems, and why it’s important to address them even though they’ve been “normalized.”

If you’re a female entrepreneur, you need to tune in to this episode! Berrion shares a ton of actionable tips and hacks that’ll help you boost your happiness and productivity by harnessing the power of your hormones.



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