Happy MLK Day & Weekend!!!

Supporting Dr. King’s Dream of Economic Empowerment

Black Businesses Are The Key To Dr. King’s Real Dream!

Happy MLK Day Weekend everyone! Every year we celebrate Dr. King’s contributions to modern American society. We know all about his work to advance civil rights, justice and equality. But did you know that Dr. King’s real dream was to advance economic empowerment? That’s right! Dr. King knew that the market operation of the American economy propagated unemployment, discrimination and economic injustice.

What’s the real message behind King’s “I Have A Dream” speech?

The original intent behind Dr. King’s speech was to appeal to end economic and employment inequalities.

What can I do to support Dr. King’s Real Dream?

There is still much work to be done to bring Dr. King’s real dream of equality to reality and to support his vision. One thing we all can do is to go and support and experience Black-Owned Businesses. Circulating dollars with Black-Owned businesses will help build an economic base that can help to begin the process of tearing down systems of oppression and discrimination. It starts with you and how you spend your dollars.

Start today!

Supporting Dr. King’s Dream Of Economic Empowerment is a personal choice. However, you are not alone in this endeavor. The Black Business Focus Group can help you in holding yourself accountable for building up and restoring the Black American community. Simply leverage our website and app to log every transaction you make with Black-Owned Businesses. We will support you along the way!

Visit our website or app today and log your transactions! Take a moment to shop our expanding page of merchandise designed by a Black-Owned and Operated Business when you have a moment. Buy Now or Subscribe.

Remember, It’s our time!


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