Businessman who survived polio with just 10% chance of survival now helping other disabled entrepreneurs

A businessman who survived polio after being given just a 10 per cent chance of survival is now helping other disabled entrepreneurs on their career paths.

Dr Mark Esho MBE contracted the life-threatening virus when he was five and was paralysed from the neck down. He spent three years receiving treatment in Leicester Royal Infirmary and was stuck in a wheelchair from the age of eight.

He went on to teach himself to walk again and despite suffering at the hands of school bullies, discrimination and banks who laughed him out of the door when he asked for a business loan, he went on to found several successful businesses. Since stepping down from their daily management he now champions disability rights and works to challenge general perceptions of disabled people.

Last year he founded The Circle Foundation, offering business support to aspiring disabled entrepreneurs. He has taken that in a different direction, forming a social enterprise called Ability Connect which is now collaborating with the University of Leicester Business School to launch a new online training programme.

He said the programme had been specifically designed with disabled people in mind and understands the unique challenges they face in business – as well as showing participants how their skills and perspective can be an asset to the business world.

Dr Esho will teach the “resilience” module of the programme, drawing upon his real-life experiences to help participants to learn “grit, perseverance and tenacity” in the business world.

He said: “I can’t wait to welcome our first intake of aspiring disabled entrepreneurs to this training programme in collaboration with the University of Leicester Business School.

“My motivation for creating the programme was to offer disabled entrepreneurs something that I wish I had when I started out in business.

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