The One Where I Got Super Honest About Confidence with Marie W…

You’re listening to episode number 64 of The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast. This week I’m playing musical-chairs with the mic and am sharing the episode I recorded with Liz Sandoz on her Podcast, ‘Miraculous Mamas’! You probs remember Liz from episode number 56 (AND for any of my Bachelor Nation fans out there…. Liz was on Nick Viall’s season of the Bachelor!) Liz was in MY home while we recorded this episode, and as you’ll see she made me FEEL right-at-home while chatting with her. We went deeeep on my personal development journey. You’ve heard me talk about the coat of armor I used to wear, and in this episode we rewind alllll the way back to my childhood days of feeling self conscious in my body, even all the way back to ELEMENTARY school, my unfulfilling + UN-happy journey to the nonexistent land of ‘Destination Happiness’, and then what it took to reach for goals like self-acceptance + self-love over diets, competitions, and a life of insecurity.

I KNOW you are going to get so much out of this episode– there’s something really special about letting you in on the conversation when I’m sharing my personal stories, rather than asking the questions, and it will give you some incredible insights into how YOU can cultivate confidence, choose self love, and start enjoying the journey.

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