What Really Happens When Women Lift Weights? with Meg Gallaghe…

Welcome back, this week I am SO excited to bring on one of the most badass friends that I have made over the years— You may not be able to deadlift over 400 lbs (or squat over 300lbs!) like her, but by the end of todays episode, you will have gained one Strong Strong Friend, too.
A record holding powerlifter and CEO among other titles, Meg Gallagher aka @MegSquats “is on a mission to make powerlifting as trendy as Soul Cycle.” I’m sure you’ve seen her pop up on your Explore feed on Insta, or binge-watched her ‘Train Like A Pro Series’ on your YouTube already, but in case you didn’t know… Meg started documenting her own strength training journey in 2014, and has grown a channel of almost 300,000 subscribers. Meg’s conversations go even deeper than her squat—covering topics like breaking female stereotypes, busting fitness myths, pulling back the curtain on steroid use, finding other #GirlsThatLift, interviewing athletes, debunking fads, and crushing other touchy topics in the strength world.
Today, we’re talking all things mind, body, and soul—from competition prep to powerlifting, getting out of extreme cycles, and enjoying ALL seasons of life. As a competitor, teacher, and friend, my conversation with Meg today will undoubtedly leave you wanting to “be more” for your own life, and everyone else in it.

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