How To Land Your Dream Job + Define Your Destiny with Ashley Stahl

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re on the right path in life, or if you’ve ever questioned your next career move, OR if you know your mindset around success and self-worth needs a little tune up, this episode is for YOU!
This week’s guest is the epic, incredible, badass Ashley Stahl, who has SO much to share with you guys today. Not only does she have a super interesting background and story for how she became a super successful career coach, but she is also just a really COOL human that has a lot of wisdom and golden nuggets to share with the world and I was lucky enough to pick her brain for you and get alllll of the deets on:
– How to get clarity on who WE are and how that can manifest into a dream career
– How to take a you-turn in life and re-invent ourselves when we’re feeling out of alignment
– How to navigate the job hunt as a millenial
– How to cultivate confidence and self-worth independent of our career.

Ashley Stahl is an angel investor, writer and career coach who empowers job seekers around the world in finding their purpose and landing more job offers. At age 23, Ashley managed a high-level program for the Pentagon, for which she was named a “Top 99 Foreign Policy Leader Under 33” and a Power 30 Under 30 leader for her work running the Global Threat Intelligence Team.
While preparing senior officials for the front lines of the war on terror, Ashley launched her leadership firm, Ashley International Inc., which offers private coaching and unparalleled online programs to empower Millennials to find their purpose, land more job offers and increase their income. She’s worked with thousands of job seekers in 25 countries via her online program, the Limitless Career Lab.
Ashley is also columnist for Forbes, and has been featured on FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, SELF Magazine, the Washington Post, Newsweek, AND she’s given a TEDx talk called “Three Questions to Unlock Your Authentic Career”.

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