Fleet Management Tools for Small Businesses

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Whether you chauffeur clients around the city or dispatch truckers across the United States, tracking capabilities and equipment maintenance alerts are essential. The best fleet management software protects your small business with dual-view dashcams and near real-time feeds. They can lower your insurance rates with in-cab driver coaching and safety scoring.

Moreover, automated maintenance reminders let shop technicians know when a vehicle needs service. Fleet management tools often sync with your existing software, from routing systems to fuel cards. Explore the following options to find the right fleet management app for your business.

1. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect provides customizable fleet management solutions. Although its advanced tools focus on midsize and large fleets, Verizon Connect offers GPS fleet tracking software for one to 15 vehicles with basic reports, alerts, and geofences. Pricing starts at 66 cents per vehicle per day with a 36-month contract. Larger fleets can get custom prices for advanced metrics and add-ons like dashcams, electronic logging devices (ELDs), and fuel card integrations.

Verizon Connect’s all-in-one ELD platform works well for carriers that are required by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to use e-logs and maintain records of duty status. In addition, Verizon supplies asset management tools for tracking heavy equipment and electric vehicle fleet software, which includes battery-level alerts and a live map with charging locations.

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2. Motive

If skyrocketing fleet insurance costs impact your bottom line, Motive’s fleet operations platform can help reduce your rates by up to 25%. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect unsafe behaviors and levy driver road vehicle environment scores. Unlike its competitors, Motive considers your driver’s locations, so city-based drivers are evaluated differently than long-haul truckers.

It alerts drivers to unsafe behavior in real time and provides mobile apps so truckers can view reports and actionable insights after their trips. Dispatchers appreciate Motive’s advanced collision detection and ability to view up to 235 hours of dashcam footage. Aside from fleet telematics, Motive offers maintenance, spending management, and dispatch tools.

3. Azuga

Gamify safety, protect assets, and manage operations with Azuga’s end-to-end fleet management solution. Azuga offers custom pricing based on your fleet size and feature options. You can choose from GPS tracking, gamification features, route optimization, field service management software, and dashcams.

Simply set a budget with Azuga’s rewards as a service program, and Azuga handles driver scoring, reporting, and reward issuance. Its Fleet eLogs program satisfies hours of service and driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) regulations while Azuga’s asset tracking has built-in geofencing.

4. Samsara

Samsara supplies an integrated platform for fleet management, compliance, and safety. It offers plug-and-play equipment installation, requiring zero configuration and allowing small businesses to be up and running within 15 minutes. The hardware works on all vehicles, including buses, passenger vans, company-owned cars, and trucks. Dispatchers can view live vehicle locations while drivers benefit from in-cab voice coaching.

Samsara’s customizable solution covers everything from vehicle telematics and video-based safety to equipment monitoring and driver workflows. The cloud-based platform features 70 prebuilt integrations and an open application programming interface.

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The best fleet management software protects your small business with dual-view dashcams and near real-time feeds.

5. Fleetio

Fleetio is a unified platform for fleet management and maintenance. It helps business owners schedule maintenance activities, track vehicle and equipment records, and handle DVIRs. Fleetio can automate various tasks, ranging from mileage-based service reminders to syncing parts purchases to your accounting software.

Pricing starts at $3 per asset monthly with annual billing, and Fleetio offers a 14-day free trial. The platform scales from basic vehicle inventory and maintenance management to advanced tools for work and purchase order assignment.

6. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Innovative Maintenance Systems offers web-based and desktop applications, allowing small businesses to choose how to handle their fleet management process. Fleet Maintenance Pro for Windows includes unlimited vehicles or equipment, maintenance history, and enhanced reporting. Shop managers can view depreciation information or estimate usage while technicians monitor fluid usage and receive upkeep alerts.

The cloud version is accessible from any device and has apps for iOS and Android phones. It offers single- and multiple-location subscriptions with repair tracking, work order management, and driver vehicle inspections. Managers can create custom reports, whereas drivers can request repairs from a dedicated portal.

7. Agile Fleet

Agile Fleet FleetCommander is a fleet management information system. Businesses start with Agile Fleet’s core application and then choose optional modules to design their fleet management solution. It offers assigned vehicle management, fleet maintenance, parts management, motor pool and vehicle sharing, risk management, and fuel management. You can also select from many hardware options, including wireless and cellular GPS and in-vehicle telematics.

With Agile Fleet, shop managers and technicians can prioritize tasks from a central dashboard. Likewise, its routing, messaging, and real-time location tools help you optimize fuel consumption while improving driver safety.

8. AUTOsist

AUTOsist is an affordable fleet management system for automating maintenance and tracking drivers and assets. It has three monthly subscriptions starting at $5 per asset with annual billing. AUTOsist syncs with fuel cards, sends maintenance reminders, and supports custom DVIR forms. Technicians or drivers can attach receipts and access all vehicle documents from their digital glove box.

With real-time fleet GPS tracking and dual-facing high-definition dashcams, safety managers and dispatchers can monitor activities. Driver scoring and safety leaderboard increase accountability while keeping your business compliant.

9. FleetUp

FleetUp combines trip reporting tools, GPS vehicle tracking, and geofencing into its fleet management software solution. It can alert supervisors within 10 seconds of an event occurring and help trucking companies reduce insurance rates and fuel waste. FleetUp’s asset and fleet management platform offers several plans, including four fleet management options, three asset management solutions, and two equipment management subscriptions.

Messaging features let drivers update their status or request information from dispatchers, while FleetUp’s trip-share and real-time estimated time of arrivals keep clients informed. FleetUp sells temperature sensors, ELDs, asset-tracking devices, and AI-enabled dashcams.

10. WhipAround

WhipAround centralizes your inspections, fleet health data, and maintenance records in a preventive maintenance fleet management app. It helps managers monitor fuel usage in real time, and drivers can use mobile devices to complete U.S. Department of Transportation-compliant inspections.

WhipAround has a free solution for owner operators. It includes DVIR compliance tools, cloud document storage for inspection reports, and fuel management features. Paid plans start at $5 monthly, with annual billing for unlimited vehicles. These plans add custom forms, dashboards and reporting, integrations, and driver or asset profiles.

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