How to Celebrate Your Flaws and Find Your Tribe with Karina Irby

From bullied to now building a bikini empire…Karina Irby just radiates confidence and ambition (and a little bit of sass). Karina founded her swimwear company, Moana Bikini, with just an $800 loan from her father and a LOT of determination. Now, she uses her personal brand as well as Moana to spread a message of self love and confidence to women all over the world. On top of that, she is also the co-founder of a fitness company that is all about empowering women of every shape and size to get active and nourish their bodies– LOVE IT! This episode is full of business, body love, and mindset inspiration, and with Karina’s contagious personality, you’re sure to feel confident and empowered after listening!

You can find the full show notes here:  https://www.grindandbegratefulpodcast.com/how-to-celebrate…with-karina-irby/

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