How To Discover Your Truth and Define Your Destiny with Valent…

You are in for a super soulful, life-giving conversation today! I sat down with my longtime friend, Valentina Esteban, to talk allllll about her journey of uncovering her truth, and how you can do the same. Val is truly one of the coolest people I know. She has a background as Canada’s youngest professional bikini competitor– she rose through the competitive bodybuilding ranks at a very young age and was on track to have a super successful career in fitness, until she decided that it just wasn’t for her and literally walked away from everything she had built because she realized that it wasn’t her TRUTH. She has had some crazy cool experiences while traveling the world which we’ll talk about in the episode, and she has some really amazing insights on how we can all cultivate stillness and truth in our own lives. You will literally feel like you just stood in the sunshine after hearing Val speak, and I’m so excited for you to get to know her!
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