#721 Hey Pepsi, Where Is My Harrier Jet?

SEGMENT‌ ‌1 with John Leonard,‌ ‌‌starting‌ ‌at‌ ‌0:00‌:‌ ‌ Can you imagine taking on multi-billion-dollar soft drink giant PepsiCo? John Leonard did just that when he tried to claim a Harrier jet from Pepsi as a result of a contest they were running in the 1990s during the peak of what the industry called the Cola Wars. Now, John is the subject of the Netflix documentary series Pepsi, Where is my Harrier Jet? as well as the case Leonard v. Pepsico which is taught in law schools.

SEGMENT‌ ‌2 with ‌Valerie Cradle,‌ ‌‌starting‌ ‌at‌ 36:30:‌ ‌Does the future of doing business go through Africa? Our next guest, Valerie Cradle, believes that whether you need a new private label supplier or a Virtual Assistant, Africa is the most untapped market of artisans, creators, and innovators that your small business needs.

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