Making Money Online Has Never Been This Easy

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Many small business owners simultaneously fear ChatGPT and AI and want to figure out how to use it in their business. Here to help is Neil Dagger, an English author with a BSc in Computer Science from University College London. He wrote the #1 best-seller “The ChatGPT Millionaire: Making Money Online Has Never Been This EASY.”

  • Should small business owners be excited or scared about ChatGPT?
  • Ways that small businesses can use ChatGPT for creating social media content, generating leads, and writing cold emails
  • Prompt engineering and what makes an effective prompt for ChatGPT
  • How “act as” prompts can improve your ChatGPT results
  • Imitating writing styles of influential people
  • How easy is it to make money online with ChatGPT?
  • Using ChatGPT for automating customer service and translating documents
  • How Microsoft is incorporating Open AI’s technology
  • How to create passive income streams with ChatGPT that keep on giving – in minutes
  • Keys to retiring decades early

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