Protect Your Hair with These Head Wraps from 3 Black-Owned Brands

Today it’s about our hair and how to protect the Black hair during these cold winter days while still being fashionable. We’ll talk about three Black-owned brands that offer gorgeous head wraps, turbans, hats and other accessories to cover our hair. They have matching bags or matching masks. Your choice. How amazing is that?

3 Black-Owned Head Wraps You Should Try



Pink and Green Sika Wo Ntaban Boho Slouch Bag + Headwrap

that’s vibrant, colorful and assembled in an abstract way. The head wrap adds another layer of sophistication and flair to any wardrobe whether you’re hanging out with friends, going to an outdoor concert or date night. The matching bag is made from African textiles by artisans in Ghana, West Africa. It’s perfect to be used as a handbag, shopping/market bag or beach bag. The price is $68 for the head wrap and the slouch bag.

Pink and Green Sika Wo Ntaban Boho Slouch Bag

Nala Print Turban



has vibrant Ankara prints paired with a ready-to-wear wrapped look and the protective elements of a bonnet (satin-lining). It allows you to achieve the traditional wrapped look without all the effort. The hidden adjustable drawstrings allow you to tighten and loosen for the perfect fit. The ruched back offers even more stretch for larger hairstyles and hair types. Each turban print is unique, cut from one big piece of fabric but with variations in each head wrap. You can have it for $50.

Nala Print Turban

Queen’s Crown



is a colorful and trendy high quality satin-lined head scarf that protects your hair from cold, dust and other harmful things. It is a pre-wrapped head wrap so you don’t have to do the hard work. Just wear it and you are ready to go! It has an elastic cap or elastic edge that makes it easy to be fixed on your head, giving you multiple choices to drape it in a manner that suits all your styles. Every single head wrap is handmade. Each piece is as unique as you, an original work of art! You can get the head wrap and a matching face mask for $18.99.

Queen's Crown

Head wraps can be worn by everyone, not just by Black women. Historically speaking, they were used by both men and women in different cultures. Get your perfect head wrap and a matching bag or face cover. Take care of your hair while supporting a Black-owned business!

You can buy these products directly on 

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