#703 The Ancestry CEO Reveals 10 New Rules for Women at Work

SEGMENT 1 with Deborah Liu, starting at 0:00: When many small business founders become leaders, they lose who they are. They don’t recognize the person they have become, what comes out of their mouth, and the actions they take. How do you become the leader your company needs without losing who you are inside?

SEGMENT 2 with Ingrid Vanderveldt, starting at 23:15: Many of us have bold visions. But not too many people I know would have the vision of empowering a billion women. Ingrid

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SEGMENT 3 with André Stewart, starting at 38:30: What would do if the stress from the work you loved was literally killing you? André Steward found himself in that situation and is now on a mission to help others from all walks of life discover mental awareness and financial independence.

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