#705 Hacks for Hiring Employees Faster

SEGMENT 1 with Greg Powell, starting at 0:00: This year, a lot of your small business success is how effective you are at finding, hiring, and training your new employees. Greg Powell is here with tips and tricks for hiring faster and more efficiently so you can run and grow your business.

SEGMENT 2 with Michael Kurland, starting at 17:45: There is a great saying that anyone can be a captain in a calm sea–but what happens when things get rough in your business? Are you ready to lead?

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SEGMENT 3 with Bill Reiman, starting at 34:45: In the world of business, family businesses are unique because they are based on personal relationships that have so much history attached to them. That can be a good and bad thing, and it certainly makes family business especially tricky to operate. Bill Reiman is here to share his story of growing up in a family business, then returning to it later in life.

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