#664 How to Unlock the Power of Credit Cards for Your Small Business


SEGMENT 1 with Stoyan Kenderov, starting at 0:00: Credit cards have existed for 70 years, yet 85% of suppliers don’t accept cards because the cost of acceptance is high. Stoyan Kenderov is here to share why this doesn’t stop you from using your credit card to make a payment.

SEGMENT 2 with Aygemang Clay, starting at 18:30: A lot of people may not know that over half of the products purchased on Amazon are actually sold by the millions of small and medium businesses that sell through Amazon.

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SEGMENT 3 with Victoria Jones, starting at 36:30: Your business probably looks like a series of siloed departments rather than a company. The departments run software that can’t talk to each other and the same customer appears separately in both your CRM system and your accounting system. That means your sales people don’t have a clear picture of your customer’s journey before they call. How do we solve this? Victoria Jones is here with a solution.

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