#679 Anti-Racist Leadership: Transforming Corporate Culture in a Race-Conscious World

SEGMENT 1 with James D. White, starting at 0:00: Building anti-racist leadership in your company is more than just “the right thing to do” – it contributes positively to successful operations and a strong bottom line. We dive into the topic of anti-racist leadership with James White who has led companies as a CEO and operating executive over the last thirty years.

SEGMENT 2 with Monica Parkin, starting at 17:45: When people meet me in business, they think I am an extrovert. But really, I am an introvert working hard to be an extrovert. This has presented challenges for me throughout my business life as I try to build connections. Monica Parkin has faced the same issues. She’s here to help introverts excel in business by finding ways to harness their strengths.

SEGMENT 3 with Joe Wall, starting at 35:15: As the pandemic drones on or winds down depending on your point of view, will the federal government offer more aid, especially for in-person service companies like restaurants or entertainment venues? What is the mood and outlook of small businesses right now? Joe Wall is here to discuss.

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