#680 The Power of Decency in a World Turned Mean

SEGMENT 1 with David Bodanis, starting at 0:00: Let’s face it – in the last 5 years, the world has gotten a whole lot meaner with social media and public figures normalizing bullying, lying, and dividing people. What can we do about it? David Bodanis is here to share the power of decency in a world turned mean.

SEGMENT 2 with Chris Lynam, starting at 18:00: Businesses lost over 100 billion dollars in recent years, and that was all before the pandemic. Why? Bad customer service. The customer

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SEGMENT 3 with Esther Wallace, starting at 37:15: Esther Wallace is on a mission to propel women’s sports forward. She shares how her experience as a child who went from never having played sports to falling in love with basketball and earning a Division I scholarship led her to become an entrepreneur and the founder of Playa Society.

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