#683 How to Sell Your Company for $100 Million

SEGMENT 1 with Josh Landan, starting at 0:00: How do you stand out in a saturated industry? Josh Landan is here to share his story about how he started a craft brewing company that he sold to Coors for $100 million.

SEGMENT 2 with Desmond Attmore, starting at 17:15: One of the best ways to make progress toward racial equality in this country is to support the starting and growing of Black-owned small businesses. Desmond Attmore is here to share the experience of starting his company, Six

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SEGMENT 3 with Elaine Parke, starting at 35:30: Bullying – especially online bullying – is a huge problem in our country. This example was led by former president Donald Trump who would personally bully people every chance he got. What can we do to stop bullying in business and society?

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