#643 The Future of Edtech in Schools After 14+ Months of Remote Learning

SEGMENT 1 with Al Kingsley, starting at 0:00: If there is one area that changed during the pandemic it was how we educate our children. Education technology, or Edtech, accelerated rapidly and we experienced both the advantages and the challenges on a large scale in real-time. What were the lessons learned and where does the Edtech industry go from here?

SEGMENT 2 with Matt Phillips, starting at 18:30: Most of us know Waze as a beloved directions app that get us where we want to go. But did

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SEGMENT 3 with Case Kenny, starting at 36:15: Using journals to capture thoughts and feelings is not a new concept. But with mental health issues on the rise, it is time to take a closer look at how each of us can add this tool to our mental health toolbelt. Case Kenny created a podcast and business around this, and he’s here to share how exactly journaling can help us with mindfulness, self-awareness, and feelings of life satisfaction.

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