#646 Advice from a Nobel-Prize-Winning Scientist on Discovering Your Life's Path

SEGMENT 1 with Robert J. Lefkowitz, starting at 0:00: When we’re young, there’s so much pressure to figure out what we want to be when we grow up. But as we know, life doesn’t often work out the way we plan. Dr. Robert Lefkowitz is here to share that the sooner we let go and take life as it comes, the better. That’s how we discover where we’re meant to be.

SEGMENT 2 with Sharon Miller, starting at 19:45: The challenges that small business owners faced during the pandemic were many… but what are the new challenges they face during recovery?

SEGMENT 3 with Opher Kahane, starting at 37:45: COVID-19 massively accelerated an already fast-growing e-commerce market, and according to Opher Kahane, this will not change or slow down post-pandemic.

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