#596 Why Your Small Business Needs to Take Sides

SEGMENT 1: In the past, businesses rarely took sides on social issues. Nowadays, in this highly divided world, more small businesses are taking a strong stance on at least one particular issue. In fact, my guest Mike Goldman says you MUST take a side, and he’s here to explain why.

SEGMENT 2: How are small businesses handling the ups and downs of the COVID 19 pandemic? A good place to begin to understand this is the Small Business Coronavirus Impact Poll by MetLife and the US Chamber of

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SEGMENT 3: In small business, you want to be able to identify problems and find solutions quickly, but you need to be careful; jumping to conclusions (and solutions) can actually damage your organization and waste resources. Here to help us identify the right problem to solve is Dan Markovitz who makes organizations more profitable by improving operations and execution.

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