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prn montage #200Bring Your Gold Clubs to the Protest

Benton Harbor, Michigan, activist Rev. Edward Pinkney plans to embarrass the locally headquartered Whirlpool Corporation at the Jack Nicklaus Signature Gulf Course, August 10. Pinkney, the only person in modern times known to have been sent to prison for quoting the Bible, charges Whirlpool with trying to drive African Americans out of mostly Black Benton Harbor to create a playground for the rich. Pinkney urges demonstrators to “bring your golf clubs.”

Haiti’s “Cry from the Heart”

President Rene Preval’s regime “is almost like a government-in-absentia,” says Herb Boyd, reporter for Free Press TV’s film “Haiti: Cri De Coeur.” Boyd and director Eddie Harris describe Haiti as “the Republic of NGOs,” where foreigners provide traditional government services and U.S. and European corporations dictate policy.

What Difference Does a White Mayor Make?

Not much, says Sanyika Ntangilizi, of the African American Leadership Project, in New Orleans. Since Mitch Landrieu ended 35 years of nominal Black rule, in February, “nothing is different except the color of City Hall,” said Ntangilizi. Landrieu garnered two-thirds of the Black vote, “and thus he has an obligation to deliver to the Black community.”

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