#541 Why Your Customers Are Leaving and How to Win Them Back

SEGMENT 1: One of the biggest problems small business owners face is not being able to keep their customers. They are so busy attracting new customers through the front door that the existing ones leave out the back door. As a result, they can never build a sustainable business. David Avrin, a leading expert on customer experience in the world today, is here to show us why our customers are leaving and what we have to do to keep them.

SEGMENT 2: There are two things that are going to

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SEGMENT 3: Photos and videos play a huge role in finding and learning about a business on the web. Brian Balduf, Chairman and Co-founder of VHT, was there at the beginning of leveraging photo and video online, and he’s here to share what he’s learned on how to make your business stand out on the internet.

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