#542 Finding Meaning, Money, and Happiness in Your “Retirement Years”

SEGMENT 1 – The face of retirement is changing. Growing numbers of experienced entrepreneurs and older workers are staying engaged in the economy long after the traditional retirement age, leading what’s being called the “unretirement revolution”. Chris Farrell, a leading expert on the trend toward working longer in the second half of life, is here to share how people are spending their “retirement years” these days, and how there is meaning, money and happiness to be found.

SEGMENT 2 – When

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SEGMENT 3 – Content marketing is now king. As a small business owner, you have to show you care about your customer outside of the normal course of selling them stuff. This is why so many big companies now have a content marketing function in their organization. Here to tell us how this works are Kendall Fisher and Suzy Strutner who work on Grow Wire for Netsuite.

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