#556 The Best Work Environment for Maximum Creativity

SEGMENT 1: Scientific research shows that your physical environment affects how you perform at work. Over the last 30 years alone, we have gone from very structured office spaces to open office spaces to now working at home or in a coffee shop. What is the best work environment to maximize creativity? Architect Donald M. Rattner is here to help.

SEGMENT 2: Millennials are on track to make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. As a result, it’s crucial for employers to harness the strengths of this

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SEGMENT 3: The SAP Business Exchangeis an active community focused on helping small and medium sized businesses become the best run they can be. We talk to Ryan Demaray about how his hazelnut farm has benefitted from the SAP Business Exchange, and how other business owners can get involved in the free community.

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