#557 How the Founder of Kickstarter Changed Startup Funding Forever


SEGMENT 1: One of the most impactful startups of this generation has been Kickstarter. For entrepreneurs everywhere, Kickstarter changed how their new companies and products received funding. Co-founder Yancey Strickler shares how Kickstarter got its start to now $5 billion raised for startups on the platform.

SEGMENT 2: Many small business owners know there is tremendous opportunity in doing business internationally, but they are afraid to pursue it. John Caplan from Alibaba Group shares a

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SEGMENT 3: Work-life balance is a myth. But what does that mean? Do small business owners just have to resign themselves to working all the time with no personal life in order to be successful? Recovering workaholic Dana Look-Arimoto is here to share a better way.

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4 years ago

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