#558 Silence Your Inner “Mean Girl” and Kindly Go from Burnout to Balance

SEGMENT 1: Business owners are faced with the challenge of balancing their business and personal lives so they don’t burn out trying to “do it all”. How do we achieve a healthy balance and get out of this “doing it all” mindset? Nicole Lapin is here to share what’s worked for her from her new book “Becoming Super Woman, A Simple 12-Step Plan to Go from Burnout to Balance”.

SEGMENT 2: Yahoo! was one of the original pioneers on the Internet. But after getting bought by Verizon, what role does it

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SEGMENT 3: How does a women’s handbag company stand out in a sea of competitors? The driving force behind Hammitt, the most successful handbag company you’ve probably never heard of, is here to share the journey of the company over the past 11 years and how it has been successful both online and in retail nationwide.

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