#564 The Amazon Success Formula, from Jeff Bezos Himself

SEGMENT 1: Every entrepreneur dreams of building the next Amazon. But how? Steve Anderson says you can learn the way CEO Jeff Bezos succeeded by reading his shareholder letters – which are public! He is here to summarize the principles he found – your guide to growing your business like Amazon.

SEGMENT 2: One of the gold rushes in this decade has been crypto currency. My son Daniel and I even dabble in building a very small portfolio as a way to get rich. Needless to say, we didn’t get very

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SEGMENT 3: Service-based businesses are facing a new generation of customers. In the age of social media and online shopping, businesses are expected to deliver an unprecedented high level of service online and offline, stay available around the clock, and create a personalized experience with every single customer. But how can a small business owner with limited resources get this all done? Here to help is Rachel Schapiro who is a marketing expert who specializes in helping businesses make the most of technology.

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