Reality Star Jason Brown on Coaching People that Need a Second Chance

SEGMENT 1: A lot of us enjoy reality TV, but we can’t forget that the people that are featured in the shows are real people with real lives that go way past the 60 minutes we may be watching them. Here to talk about the real side of one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix is Coach Jason Brown from Last Chance U.

SEGMENT 2: Companies that sell products in peoples’ homes friend to friend are alive and well in the age of Amazon and retail Armageddon. How do you successfully grow a

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SEGMENT 3: What happens to you as a small business owner or indivudual if you can’t pay your back taxes? Ignoring the IRS and not doing anything is not a good solution. Here to help is Mark Steber, Chief Tax Officer at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, who shares exactly what you should do when you receive a letter or notice from the IRS.

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