#466 NASA Director Shares How Leadership & Team Performance Are Mission Critical

Segment 1: Paul Sean Hill was NASA’s Director of Mission Operations from 2007 through 2014. He was responsible for all aspects of human spaceflight mission planning, training, and Mission Control. 

Segment 2: Barry Kaplan is an expert in organizational development and leadership of people and teams.  

Segment 3: Brian Sloan graduated from law school in 2005 but chose not to practice law. He moved to Beijing, China where he lived for 10 years while building his current company: a leading

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Segment 4: Damon Burton founded SEO National in the Salt Lake City area in 2007 to manage industry leading SEO campaigns and online reputation, after nearly a decade launching internet marketing agencies.

Segment 5: Stefan Pretty is a Scottish Entrepreneur and passionate bootstrapper. He has bootstrapped over 5 businesses and side projects since he was 18, with his current business being Subbly, the all-in-one subscription box platform. 

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