#467 Susan Fennema Helps Small Business Owners Gain Control of Their Lives

Segment 1: Susan Fennema is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos, a consultancy helping small business owners gain control of their lives through better processes, organization, and structure of their business operations and projects. 

Segment 2: Jenny Kassan has been an attorney for social enterprises for 22 years, and is a certified transformational coach, social entrepreneur, investor and finance innovator. Her new book is Raise Capital on Your Own Terms: How to Fund Your

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Segment 3: Aaron Levy is the Founder and CEO of Raise The Bar, a firm focused on helping companies address the problem of millennial turnover. 

Segment 4: Morgan Simon is the author of REAL IMPACT: THE NEW ECONOMICS OF SOCIAL CHANGE. She is a widely recognized leader in impact investment who builds bridges between finance and social justice. 

Segment 5: Barry Moltz shares how to get your business unstuck.

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