#473 Neel Grover Shares How Consumers Can Make Money From Online Reviews

Segment 1: Neel Grover is the Founder and CEO of Indi.com, an engagement video platform for Brands. Neel was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Rakuten.com, Buy.com and Bluefly.com where he led great teams and sold over $5 Billion of products.

Segment 2: Donald Lee Sheppard emerged from humble beginnings in a Northern Ontario mining town to become a leader in employee benefits consulting and communications. He is currently CEO of Sheppard Properties, LLC and author of “The Dividends of

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Segment 3: Marti Konstant is a workplace futurist with an agile mindset. She is a career growth analyst, author, speaker, and founder of the Agile Careerist Project™. Her career path includes: artist, designer, entrepreneur, technology marketing executive, business advisor, and investor.

Segment 4: Guy Israeli is an experienced entrepreneur who financed, built and managed several international ventures in the last decade. Guy is now the COO and Co-Founder of SOLOMOTO, a platform which is all about helping Small and Medium Businesses to create, grow and expand their business across digital and social channels.

Segment 5: Barry Moltz shares how to get your business unstuck.

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