Greg Gutfeld Tells Women The Reason They Have Abortions

Greg Gutfeld showed major chutzpah on Wednesday by telling women why they’re having abortions. (Watch the video below.)

The Fox News host was smarting, like many conservatives, after Democrats earned key election victories in Virginia and Ohio on Tuesday to help safeguard reproductive rights.

But Gutfeld’s efforts to reduce pregnant people’s choice to “fear of this transformational change” were presumptuous.

“It’s a decision for most people … done out of fear,” he said. “But we no longer have to pretend it’s anything more than that. We don’t have to have political discussions about rights. Abortion is based on a fear that is greater than the actual reality. And if you don’t believe me, talk to somebody who had a baby and then think about how they were before they had the baby. That’s called a transformational change. The woman becomes a different woman than she was before, when abortion was an option. And that drives the fear.”

“It’s the best anti-abortion argument out there, and no one is making it,” he continued in a puzzling turn. “People do have their reasons for abortion … but underneath all that is a fear of this transformational change … and if you admit that, that might actually move you to maybe a different stance than you have now.”

At least one critic pointed out that the majority of people who have abortions are already mothers who know the changes ahead.

Others pointed out the absurdity of Gutfeld trying to tell women their business.

“Gutfeld spilling it about women makes as much sense as me explaining what dinosaurs used to think. Only difference is I wouldn’t try,” one user on X wrote.

“Amazing how these men know so much about what a woman thinks. Do they ever ask?” another said.

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