11 Legit Work From Home Typing Jobs

Are you looking for a legit typing job that you can do from home? This article will cover everything you need to know about making money typing documents while avoiding the ever-present employment scams!

Every day, I get tons of requests for remote data entry jobs. And while there are some legit opportunities available, there are way more applicants than there are openings. This is why I suggest widening your job search to include other work from home typing jobs. 

In this article, I’ll cover the skills you need to get started, the kinds of work from home typing jobs available, and hiring companies. 

What Skills Do You Need For Remote Typing Jobs?

Besides the obvious, a fast typing speed and a high level of accuracy, you’ll also need to have a solid grasp of the English language; correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills will be vital in these work from home jobs. 

You should also be detail-oriented and organized and have excellent time management skills, as you’ll be expected to meet deadlines and turn in high-quality work. 

Most typing jobs will require you to be proficient with common software programs like Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Some companies will require prior experience, while others are willing to train the right candidate.

A Wide Variety of Work From Home Typing Jobs

No matter what your skill level or work experience, there are many work from home typing jobs to explore. Check out the occupations and hiring companies below to get started.

1. Online Chat and Texting Jobs

Along with the internet and online shopping came a new breed of customer service, and that’s the live chat agent.

Live chat agents answer customers’ questions and concerns on the spot using online chat programs, email, social media, and sometimes text messages.

Some chat positions require background knowledge of a particular area, like tech support. In contrast, others are more general and only require quick and accurate typing skills along with some customer service or retail experience.

According to CareerBliss.com