Author Reveals the Mindset it Takes For Black People to Truly Win and Dominate

Darrell J. Muhammad, author of The Money Game

Nationwide — Former stockbroker now new author, Darrell J. Muhammad has released his first book, The Money Game: So Black People Can Win and Dominate now available on Amazon. It debuted as a top new release and is available now in paperback. Darrell began his professional career in sales. Later becoming a stockbroker for several major Wall Street investment companies such as Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley), and Charles Schwab. He was responsible for managing several million dollars of his client’s money over a six-year career. Since then, he has parlayed that experience to become a successful real estate investor, mentor, and coach.

The Money Game: So Black People Can Win and Dominate was written with the purpose of giving the reader a different perspective on money based on our unique experience as Black people in America. The book delves into the why of money and how we should look at money as a tool for freedom and not just status. Darrell’s 31 years in The Nation of Islam has given him a distinctive, unorthodox perspective about money and economic empowerment for Black people.

Darrell says, “To take full advantage of money principles, strategies and techniques we must have ‘requisite knowledge’. The Money Game provides readers with the specific ‘requisite knowledge’ that is required for Black people to win and dominate in America. That is the message centrally woven throughout this book.”

Black people will learn several sensitive and key things about money from the book. Readers will also discover why they should look at money differently than they have in the past. It explores money from the unique position we as Black people, descendants of slaves, find ourselves in. The book reveals that we have to take into consideration our experience in America and money. Other takeaways readers will uncover include more clarity about what money actually is, rules to winning and dominating with money, empowerment around money, four ways to win, and much more.

“This book is not about ‘How To’, it is about ‘Why To’ as it relates to why we should look at money differently than we have in the past and put ourselves in a position to have full and complete freedom,” states Muhammad.

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