Comedian Roasts Fox News After Her ‘Feminism’ Joke Goes Way Over Their Heads

So, where can we buy the T-shirt?

A Los Angeles-based comedian decided to hilariously call out Fox News on TikTok over the weekend for taking a joke she made way too seriously.

“Story time! I went extremely viral on Republican Twitter and ended up on Fox News,” Madi Hart, who goes by the handle @madihart_soccer on TikTok and Instagram, begins her video before completely roasting the network while wearing a T-shirt of her face that aired on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

The whole fiasco started in December, when Hart published a satirical and hyperbolic TikTok in which she quips that “the feminism left my body” after “the most guy’s guy I’ve ever been on a date with” paid for their dinner and drinks.

Hart explains in her video that she typically dates “men and women” who are on the “artsier” side, but when she dates these types of people there’s “always a negotiation about who pays.”

But when this “bro” threw “down his card” and offered to pay “for everything” during her recent date, she was hooked.

“It sort of activated something feral in me, I’m not going to lie,” Hart cracked.

She ended her TikTok by saying: “It might be time for me to get away from all these, you know, liberal snowflakes.”

Although many who watched the TikTok understood that it was a gag, it seems many conservatives thought it was sincere. This seems especially odd being that Hart’s TikTok account boasts several videos of her doing standup.

In Hart’s follow-up TikTok published over the weekend, Hart says that conservative political commentator Matt Walsh misinterpreted her TikTok on her podcast. She then goes on to cite a few right-wing think pieces published about her, which includes one on a website called Red State, with the headline, “Feminist Discovers That the Patriarchy Is Actually Pretty Great.”

But Hart had no idea that her joke had made its way onto Fox News until her estranged father who is an “avid Republican” called her up to tell her he was so “proud” that she was on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

In a clip from the segment that Hart posted to her follow-up TikTok, Watters proclaims that a man paying for a date “apparently is a foreign concept to women today.”

Watters then plays snippets from Hart’s joke on TikTok, leaving Hart giggling and verbally questioning, “Why is this on national news?”

It seems that Watters’ segment did indeed air on the network. TVEyes Media Monitoring has a transcript of it, and a video showing the latter part of the segment is on Fox News’ YouTube account.

In the clip available on YouTube, Watters speaks to a “dating connoisseur” named Julia Rose — whose only qualifications to speak on the subject is that she’s single, attractive and a woman. Watters and Rose go on to talk a whole lot of nonsense about how much a date costs nowadays, whether or not masculinity is dead and reinforced gender norms.

Hart told HuffPost that Fox News never reached out to her to ask permission to use her TikTok in the Watters segment.

“Men don’t think women (or anyone besides the white/straight/cis male) can be funny on purpose,” Hart told Buzzfeed about why she thinks her satirical TikTok was wildly misinterpreted. This stems from a fundamental lack of respect for anyone who isn’t part of their in-group.”

Although it seems Hart got a kick out of the whole thing, it did have one serious downside.

“In my TikTok I say that I’m bisexual, and most of my extended family did not know that I was bisexual,” Hart said in her follow-up video. “They all saw the clip because they all watch Fox News every night. So that is also how I came out to my entire extended family, via Fox News.”

To check out more of Hart’s comedy, head over to her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

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