Workout Wednesday: Plus Size Nike Sports Bras

Hey Dolls! Welcome back to Workout Wednesdays!

What is Workout Wednesday?

I believe that health is a practice, not a pant size, so let’s make Workout Wednesdays a place where we’re all about joyful movement, accountability and active vibes! Here’s the drill: every Wednesday, let’s sweat it out and keep each other motivated. Share the love by posting a pic or video of your midweek workout on your Instagram stories, and don’t forget to tag me @ceceolisa.

Together, we’ll turn Wednesdays into a fitness fiesta! Let the endorphins flow, and let’s crush those wellness goals. 💪🏽🏋️‍♀️ #WorkoutWednesday #CurveMethod

Today’s Workout: CeCe Olisa’s Plus Size Treadmill Routine

The weather here in NYC means sometimes I need to do my winter walks indoors. For my fellow plus-size dolls looking to crush those fitness goals without the impact on the knees, I’ve got the perfect high-intensity, low-impact walking routine. Inspired by a game-changing Washington Post article on treadmill running, I’ve tailored these techniques for my walks, and the results are 💯! It’s all about that sweet spot – high intensity for strength, low impact for knee love. Plus, major shoutout to those who’ve slid into my DMs, noticing the leg gains! 🙌 Check out my plus-size walking routine and let’s stride into strength together. Here is my plus size walking routine.

My Plus Size Walking Routine


Where can I find cute plus size sports bras?

Did you know I swear by having 4 different sports bras? It’s not just about style; it’s a strategic move to keep the workouts rolling without doing laundry every day. Smart, right? Today’s Workout Wednesday look is all about that sports bra game. Click the link to my LTK shop, where you’ll find everything from puffer coats to leggings, in sizes XS to 4XL. Let’s elevate our workout style and break a sweat in fashion-forward fitness gear! See my four favorite sports bra styles here on my LTK shop


Shop: Nike Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Shop: Nike Plus Size Outfit of the Day

I hope this is helpful!


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