Who Got the Body? – Black Archives Stories (Episode 34) by Please, Do Tell

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” – Unknown

Are you ready for episode four of the What’s Your Why series for the Please, Do Tell podcast?  Let’s welcome two guests to the show, James Gunter & John Sams IV.  This dynamic duo are sure to become household names with their organization “Present Pillars.”  Sit back, relax and be ready to hear why being a black father is so special to them. #WhatsYourWhy 

I don’t know what the *&^% I’m doing – Guide Book to Fatherhood – By John Sams IV https://idkwtfidbook.com 

Connect with Present Pillars on all social media platforms.

Host: Ronnika Williams   

Guest: James Gunter and John Sams IV  

Technical Director: Jake Seaton   

Theme Music: Wallflowers by Bad Snacks    

Recording Location: First Church of God, St. Joseph, MI   

Special thank you to Pastor Jake and Pastor Jaime for your assistance and flexibility. 

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