Explore local resources at Veterans Business Council on November 2


Join us on November 2 for our upcoming Veterans Business Council event. This event will not only provide valuable insights into the world of veteran entrepreneurship but also highlight local resources available to veterans for their business ventures. We are excited to announce that this event will feature speaker, Stormie Pruskauer, Coordinator of the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program and the Founder of Stormie Seas.

Tiffany Esposito

Tiffany Esposito

The Veterans Business Council, like SWFL Inc., is free to join and provides local veteran business owners with exclusive networking opportunities to create valuable relationships within the business community, monthly business resources to stay up to date on the latest business news and trends and unique opportunities not available to traditional businesses. The council is championed by an advisory board of fellow Southwest Florida veteran professionals.

The Veterans Business Council meetings are scheduled to take place monthly at The Hub at SWFL Inc. as well as on occasion at local businesses, offering an environment to establish new connections, exchange insights with fellow veteran professionals, and discover local organizations that can take your business to the next level. For more information, head over to council.

If you’re already a member of SWFL Inc., we strongly encourage you to update your profile to include membership in the Veterans Business Council. If you have not joined SWFL Inc., we invite you to become a member. If you are interested in becoming a member of SWFL Inc., email our Membership Experience Coordinator, Alex Rodriguez at Alexa@ to sign up for your free membership today. For more information, visit

SWFL Inc. extends its heartfelt appreciation to Veterans Florida for generously sponsoring our monthly Veterans Business

Council events. Our collaboration with Veterans Florida underscores our unwavering dedication to nurturing synergy and prospects within our community. This partnership enables us to offer our veterans networking and educational opportunities at no cost.

About SWFL Inc.

SWFL Inc is the region’s only Five-Star Accredited Chamber of Commerce serving businesses in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County. Our services are designed to help the Southwest Florida business community connect through networking, advertising opportunities, and educational workshops. Contact us today to sign up for your free membership. ¦

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