Opening Up About Boundaries In Business + The ONE Thing That’s…

We have a very special solo episode on Make Bank this week –  It’s an Ask Me Anything Entrepreneurship edition!  I requested on my IG stories that you hit me up with anything  *I mean anything* you’re dying to know and let me just say, you guys did not disappoint and came through with some v juicy questions.  In this episode we have questions about body image, boundaries, the dark side of entrepreneurship, breaking stereotypes,  gaining momentum and SO much more! I couldn’t get to them all, so stay tuned for part two!  If I did answer your question in today’s episode, please DM me or email support@mariewold.com, My team is going to email you a Starbucks gift card, enjoy a drink on me as my appreciation for you taking the time to participate in the convo. So without further ado, let’s dive in.


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