Dolly Parton Talks Sexy Style On Mo Heart’s Amazon Series

As Dolly Parton gears up to reinvent herself as a rock ‘n’ roll goddess, she’s looking to goddaughter Miley Cyrus for inspiration.

The country superstar will reflect on a number of her most iconic fashion moments when she kicks off the fifth season of the Amazon Music video series “The Walk In” next week.

Miley Cyrus (L) and godmother Dolly Parton in 2019.
Miley Cyrus (L) and godmother Dolly Parton in 2019.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Unlike some of her contemporaries, Parton isn’t one to dwell on the past. HuffPost caught a sneak peek at Monday’s episode of “The Walk In,” in which the 10-time Grammy winner sits down with host Mo Heart to discuss the forward-thinking looks that will accompany her forthcoming album, “Rockstar,” which finds her teaming up with Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks and other rock artists.

After Cyrus “gave me some suggestions about things and talked about different photographers and different designers,” Parton said she and longtime stylist Steve Summers got to work.

Watch a clip of Dolly Parton’s appearance on “The Walk In” below.

“We want to show just enough,” Parton explained.

She added, “We just tried to think of what would be in good taste, but what would be as sexy as I could be at my age, and whatever I could do to fit in with the music that I’ve done. And it’s true rock.”

“The Walk In” follows Heart as she raids the closets of some of music’s biggest stars, who share behind-the-scenes details as they revisit archival looks from the concert stage and the red carpet.

There’s been no shortage of divas on “The Walk In,” with previous episodes featuring appearances by Katy Perry and Shania Twain. Still, Heart told HuffPost that she was “almost speechless” when Parton agreed to appear on the latest season premiere.

“Dolly Parton has not only been an icon in the music industry, but a deeply passionate and focused advocate for many communities and cultures and has truly moved society forward in the right direction,” said Heart, who competed on the 10th season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in 2018. “Who doesn’t want an inside to Dolly Parton’s wardrobe?”

Dolly Parton will appear on "The Walk In with Mo Heart" Oct. 23.
Dolly Parton will appear on “The Walk In with Mo Heart” Oct. 23.

She went on to note, “Her style, her confidence, her courage, her self-love and self-acceptance pours through her choice of fashion. It just sparkles and you faint with how fabulous it all is! This is a moment for me.”

Parton’s “The Walk In” appearance will set the pace for the rest of the new season. Fellow singer-songwriters Reneé Rapp and Chappell Roan are among those also slated to drop by the show in the coming weeks.

Describing “The Walk In” as a “fulfilling and wonderful” experience, Heart said fans can anticipate “a fabulous party” with an “eclectic and diverse lineup of guests” this season.

“We have so many gorgeous, interesting and divine closets we are getting into,” she added. “Buckle up, baby!”

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