How and Where to Sell Books for Cash

Sell your books and make money! Here are 14 places where you can easily sell books for cash to clean out your home and make some side income.

Are you a bookworm? If so, chances are you go through books faster than you can find shelves to store them. Or perhaps you have a dusty old collection that hasn’t been cracked open in years. Regardless of where they come from, you can sell books for cash online to make a quick buck and declutter the house while you’re at it.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. Trying to sell books for cash can actually turn into quite a lucrative side business. Even with the rise of Netflix and Kindle, the book industry is still thriving, and plenty of readers out there would love to buy your used books at a lower price than buying straight from the big box stores. It’s easier than you think!

How and Where to Sell Books for Cash

Basics About How to Sell Books for Cash

If you have a massive collection of books you want to get rid of, that’s an excellent place to start. Otherwise, you can find books by checking out thrift and second-hand stores, garage sales and yard sales, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and even local used bookstores trying to get rid of their excess stock.

Before shopping for books to resell, always have a number in mind of what you want to spend. This forces you to make better selections of books that will help you make a profit. While $1 books seem like a great deal, they won’t be worth the effort if they only resell for $1.50 each. Your time and energy are also worth money!

If you spot a book that you think may be a good resell, a handy tool to use is the best seller rank (BSR) on Amazon. The lower the number, the better. For example, books ranked as #1 have sold 1,500 or more copies that month. Anything lower than 100,000 is typically good. This info can be found in the product details when you search for the book.

Other helpful tools for price checking include Jungle Scout