How The Mind Body Soul Connection Impacts EVERYTHING with Mari…

You’re listening to episode #68 of the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast, and TODAY we’re doing one of my favorite things I’m sharing an interview that I did as the interviewee for my girl, Namaste Jenay!

Her and I hit it off on that SOULLL level (as some of you may remember from when I interviewed her) and now you get to hear her. Today we talked all about some of my FAVORITE things when it comes to our goals + our bodies— mindset, mind-body connection, values, AND why simple goal setting isn’t enough anymore.

Get ready, as we chat about the WHY, how, and what of creating sustainable goals that are rooted in MORE than just an external value of looks. Jenay + I are talkin’ holistic health, WAY beyond the number on the scale, or the tag on your jeans. Let’s release what’s not serving you, and elevate your state of being wholly and completely! I can’t wait to jump in, I know that today’s conversation is going to catapult you INWARD, on your self development journey.

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