How To Refresh Your Wardrobe + Define Your Personal Style with…

When was the last time you stood in front of your closet and were truly EXCITED to get dressed?! For most women, I feel like it’s more of a staring at all of your hangers for five minutes, try some stuff on, throw a pile of “no’s” onto your bed, and end up wearing the first outfit anyway, even though it was “meh” kind of situation. Does that sound familiar? Do you feel like you truly know and own your style, or do you wake up each morning, frustrated with what’s hanging in your closet/folded in your drawers? Either way, this episode is for you, girl! We’re dressing up confidence with Style Coach, Daniella Siebert of Fox & Bloom. 

She’s sharing her go-to strategies to reclaim your wardrobe and clothe yourself with confidence, strength, and fearless authenticity. Daniela shares the story behind Fox & Bloom, how you can conquer limiting beliefs within yourself and your style, how you can start dressing your body with kindness and respect, and how you can quit consuming and start curating. Today we’re losin’ the baggage, gaining confidence, and getting honest with the ‘labels’ we decide to put on each day!

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