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This week, we’re diving deep into holistic wellness, including non-toxic living, breast implant illness, adaptogenics, and cannabis, PLUS a general conversation around how to make informed choices about your health and wellbeing instead of just going with fads or trusting things because they’re the “norm”. I had to pleasure of sitting down to chat with Karissa Pukas, who is a Canadian content creator and entrepreneur, and as you’ll find out, she is a total badass. Karissa has built a YouTube audience of almost 750 THOUSAND subscribes, plus hundreds of thousands of more followers on Instagram and Twitter. She is also the co-owner of a vegan & handmade false eyelash company, called Social Eyes. While she initially garnered a following through beauty and fashion videos, Karissa eventually became just as known for her honest takes on young adulthood, mindfulness, wellness, and recently, she’s received a lot of attention in the media for sharing her struggles with Breast Implant Illness and we’re gonna cover it ALL in this episode. You’ll hear me fangirling at the beginning of the interview because I have legitimately followed Karissa for like 7 YEARS, so I’m thrilled that you guys get to meet her and experience her awesomeness as well!


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