10 Healthy Habits that Changed My Life + a Special Announcemen…

Normally, I wouldn’t do two solo shows in a row– it just doesn’t sit well with my perfectionist tendencies, BUT I’m making an exception and shuffling some things around because I have something REALLY exciting to tell you about this week. But before we get to the really exciting announcement, I wanna fill you in on what this episode is about and that is HEALTHY HABITS. As you probably know, habits are the foundation of wellness because when motivation fades, habits and discipline will be what keep you chugging along. But the tricky thing with habits is that it always feels like BAD habits are SO easy to fall into, and GOOD habits are SO hard to establish– can you relate?! For me, one of the most helpful things when it comes to creating those healthy habits is to really get clear on the IMPACT it’s going to have. I’m the type of person where if there isn’t a clear, logical reason for doing something, I’m absolutely NOT going to be motivated to do it. So today I’m going to share with you 10 healthy habits that have literally changed my LIFE, AND explain the impact that they’ve had so that you can decide whether or not each habit is something you want to pursue and if you do, you can do so with clarity and confidence that it’s with your best interest in mind and at heart. Sound good??
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